7 Best Ways to Solve there was a problem parsing the package Problem

there was a problem parsing the package Problem

Android technology has changed our lives so much. There is an app available for almost everything. And everyday developers are bringing more and more changes to the system. But with a great number of apps, there are also many problems and errors. When I was installing an app on my android device. A pop-up window appeared. A message on it “There was a problem parsing the package”. I was like “NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THIS”. I tried to install the app, but the result was the same.

After this, I downloaded kinemaster pro version unlocked from Google and tried to install that but guess what? “there was a Problem Parsing the Package“. I cursed my phone and thought it has something to do with my poor LG G2. I did a bit of research on the internet by visiting various forms such as the XDA Developers. In addition to that, I also watched YouTube videos, and I found out I was wrong. My phone was Ok the problem was in the app.

Understanding There was a Problem Parsing the Package issue

Before we solve the problem, let me tell you what causes this error to appear. The following are the main reasons due to which the error message appears.

Incompletely downloaded file:

Sometimes It also happens to me when I am downloading a file I not able to download it completely. This is because of either power breakdown or my unstable internet connection. Though an Android app needs all the data to work properly. Therefore during the installation of the incompletely downloaded file, we usually get the error message.

Not suitable for current OS version:

Sometimes the file we download is not suitable for our OS version. This is because the coding of the app requires an advanced version of the operating system. Due to this, the installer is not able to install the app.

Security Issues:

Android technology cares a lot about its users. They have shaped the technology in such a way that it prevents the loss of user data. Keeping the user’s security in mind every Android smartphone is set to install apps only downloaded from the official store.

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Corrupted APK file:

Sometimes due to a virus attack or lord knows why the files of an app get corrupted due to which an app loses some of its data. And due to loss of that data, we say the file is corrupted. Installing a corrupted file on your device will get you nothing but an error saying “there was a Problem Parsing the Package”.

Changes to the manifest file:

Sometimes we play with the manifest files for different tweaks. This may lead to a disturbance in the coding of an app and we will not be able to install it anymore.

Best way to Solve There was a Problem Parsing the Package Problem

The following methods explained in this article may help you. It totally depends upon whatever case you have but still, I suggest you have a look at every solution mentioned here.

Method 1- Unknown source installation

If you are facing the problem due to security issues then you will solve the problem by going through the following procedure. If your phone running on Android Oreo or Pie follow

  • First, go to your phone settings, find “security/privacy” tab & open it up.
security or privacy tab on android
Security or privacy tab on android
  • Scroll down and find “Unknown sources“, by default it is disabled and you need to enable it.
Unknown sources on android settings
Unknown sources on android settings
Clear Cache & Clear Storage on play store
Clear Cache & Clear Storage on play store

And you are good to install apps without getting no more error.

Method 2- Enabling USB debugging

I don’t know why but enabling the USB debugging has mysteriously solved the problem for many users. To enable USB debugging mode first you will have to unlock the developers’ option in your phone.

  • For unlocking developer options go to settings of your phone. Go to the “About Phone” under the setting.
About Phone on android
About Phone on android
  • Scrolling down at the last & you will find “Build Number“, tap on it for 5-7 times.
  • You will get a message “You are a developer now“.
You are a developer now
  • After this message goes back settings and then go to the newly appeared section i.e “Developer options“.
enable developer options
enable developer options
  • In the “Developer options” sections you will need to find the “USB Debugging” and enable it.
Enable USB Debugging on android
Enable USB Debugging on android

Now you are good to go install the application without getting no more error. If not solved follow below steps.

Method 3- Disabling Antivirus

As mentioned earlier sometimes the antivirus apps try to block third-party installations to keep the phone safe. If you trust the source where you downloaded the file then it is OK to disable your antivirus for a while. Doing so will increase the chances of installation of your desired app.

Method 4- Damaged or partially downloaded file

This is simple always check the size of your downloaded file and compare it with the original file size. If the downloaded size is less than the original file it means some files are missing. Due to lack of these files, you may get the message “there was a problem parsing the package”. Therefore always download complete files of the desired app.

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Method 5- Clearing cookies and cache for Play Store

Sometimes the play-store saves too many data in the form of cookies and cache due to which it cannot add more data. Now because of this problem, you may get an error of parsing the package. To avoid this error always clear your play-store cache and cookies.

  • Just go to your phone “settings” & find “Apps” sections, open it up.
Apps section on android settings
Apps section on android settings
  • In there you need to find “Google Play Store” & open it.
Google Play Store
Google Play Store
  • Then you need to go to the “Storage” section.
Storage on google play store
Storage on google play store
  • Click on the “Clear Cache” & “Clear Storage” to clear cookies and cache data.
Clear Cache & Clear Storage on play store
Clear Cache & Clear Storage on play store

Now trying to install that application which you have got the error or not.

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Method 6- Downloading compatible version

Always check whether you have downloaded the correct version of an app or not. Double check your specs and the specs required for the app. Sometimes you may download files that are not compatible with your OS or hardware. So double-check whether you have downloaded the right version or not.

Method 7- Updating OS

Outdated OS can also be a pain in the Android. Make sure you check the requirements of the downloaded file. If it requires an OS that is higher than your current version try to upgrade your OS if available. If not you can always install custom ROM. These ROMs are easily available for every phone and you don’t have to wait for the factory updates.

Update android os
Update Android OS


The Error message “there was a problem parsing the package” is quite annoying. But I told you the possibilities due to which you face this error. Also, there are different solutions to the problem it totally depends upon the case. Try applying the above-mentioned steps and I hope your problem will be solved. If you are still facing this problem then you may have to upgrade your phone, unfortunately. Anyways If you have any other problem feel free to ask in the comment section below also do not forget to share this article with your friends to help them get rid of this problem.

  1. Hey.
    I tried installing some apps from my laptop to my phone through xender on my sd card but all the solutions you mentioned haven’t worked for me yet

    1. Hi Monye,
      It’s tough to tell what the specific issue. But you can follow here are a few steps, it might help you.
      1. Avoid installing on SD Card. Try to install it on internal storage.
      2. Download App from an authentic source.

      That’s it.

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