About Us


Having Tech Problems! Not anymore!

Fixcrunch is the doctor to ease all your digital discomforts!

No more wasting hours worrying about blacked out PCs or frozen phones – because Fixcrunch is here. We even take care of your entertainment needs – and help you with our streaming and gaming solutions!

What Does Fixcrunch Do?

We save your time!

Sounds intriguing? Well, that’s exactly what we do – give you a cheat-sheet to solve all your tech problems. You don’t have to spend hours asking questions to Google, Siri, or strangers on Reddit, or Bob from customer care!

We serve as the one stop destination where you can find all the answers to your smartphone, PC/laptop, streaming app, and games. 

How Does Fixcrunch Offer Solutions to Your Tech Issues?

As a tech problem-solving website, we have curated a comprehensive inventory of solutions to common issues. These solutions are step-by-step guidelines that are surefire ways to get you out of any complication. 

We already have a wide range of topics covered. What’s more, we constantly add more topics and guidelines to the platform to expand and update our inventory and match the constant changes in the world of technology. 

About Fixcruch, Your #No1 Techie Friend!

Founded in 2018, Fixcrunch is a tech problem-solving platform that went live in 2019 and has already gained a strong base of bona fide followers. 

About Us 1

Fixcrunch’s founder, Mainak Ghosh, is a tech guru at the age of 23. He is currently pursuing B.Tech after his Polytechnic degree, while simultaneously spending four years to gain in-depth knowledge experience in computer hardware. He is also associated with a startup as the SEO Expert.  

Simultaneously, he pursues his passion to use his knowledge of technology and help those who are too scared of the devices and applications they use every day! 

Fixcrunch Simplifies Tech Solutions! 

  1. Search for the complication you’re facing on our website. 
  2. Find the right guideline for you from our massive collection.
  3. Follow the steps as described in the guideline.

That’s all! 

Resolving technical issues is way simpler than you could have ever imagined! Even the biggest challenges will seem like minor hitches and glitches – when you have Fixcrunch by your site. 

Can’t find the answer to your problem? Contact us today and tell us about your complication. Let us assess the situation – and we will come up with a new solution!

Send your query to us TODAY at contact@fixcrunch.com