Best 6 Ways To Fix App Not Installed Error in Android

I still remember the days when I had a Nokia 3310. Those were the phones which we used only for calling, texting, Alarm or playing Snake Xenzia for fun. But with the passage of time, the technology has evolved so much. And with the evolution of technology, many cool features are being added day by day on the phones. And the name from a cell phone changed to a smartphone. As it can contain data which includes games, Apps and other files. The modern Android, windows, and IOS devices have powerful features. These are handy for a different situation. But with advanced features, there are also many problems. Today I will explain App Not Installed problem below.

App Not Installed Error

The App Not Installed is one hell of a problem. Which the users of the Android version KitKat, Lolipop and Marshmellow face this type of problem. I faced the problem when I was using the LG G2 having the android version KitKat installed on it. I downloaded a game named Afterpulse. And when I was about to install the app there was an error on my screen saying that the App Not Installed. It was so annoying, trust me, I couldn’t explain it in words. I started finding solutions because I wanted to play that game.

At first, I thought that I haven’t downloaded the app. I deleted that file of 740 MB and started a fresh file on download. When the download finished, I tried again, but the result was not different than the first one. I started researching on the internet for this problem. And also did some of my own research and I learned different things during that period of time.

Note: Please keep on reading if you are facing the same issue. Because in this article I have explained everything in detail. I am telling it from my personal experience and research. And some of these ideas are from the internet so make sure you go through the whole article. I hope you will be able to fix  “APP NOT INSTALLED” error and get your desired apps on your phone.

Understanding App Not Installed issue

Before we try to solve the problem we must first learn what are the possible causes due to which we face this error. If we don’t know what is causing the problem, we won’t be able to end the problem from the root. Based on my research the following are the main causes of the error ‘App Not Installed‘ message.

Corrupted files:-

As I have mentioned earlier. The corrupted files that you download will always be the main problem. they will cause the error to occur. So make sure that you download the files from an authentic and trusted source. Sometimes virus attack on the file also corrupts it which becomes a headache often.

Not enough storage:-

Sometimes having low storage on phone will also be a cause of app not installed error. An android package consists of different kinds of files. Now if we have a low storage space the installer will not be able to install some of the files from the package. And the app may need every bit of these files to work. Due to which it fails to install and you see an error saying App Not Installed.

Insufficient system permissions:-

 The insufficient system permissions will also more be likely to stir the problem. And a pop-up with the error will appear on the screen. They may also cause unknown code error during the installation of a file.

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Unsigned App:-

An app will always need to get signed by a Keystore. A Keystore is a binary file that contains a set of private keys for apps. Due to these, the apps work on devices. Files that are not downloaded from google play store. they will more likely to be missing the signature from keystore. And this missing signature causes a problem during the installation of that file.

Incompatible version:-

 As I said when I downloaded the After Pulse game it was actually made for the Android OS 5 (lollipop).  And I was trying to install it on KitKat version. thus I was getting nothing but the error screen. I came to know that an incompatible file version is causing this error. And there is no way to install an incompatible version of the file. unless you are applying some serious tweaks on your phone.

A Scientific Approach to The Solution of App Not Installed Error

The following Solutions may help you end the problem. And enable you to install your desired app on your android smartphone. If they don’t work for you (in case) do not forget to mention it in the comments below. We will help you with a possible solution. But make sure you follow the instruction to the letter first and execute the steps shown in this article.

Method 1- Eliminating the problem by changing the app codes

  • First of all, go to the Play Store/Google Play on your device.
  • Search for an app called “APK Editor Pro“.
  • Download the application on your device. (Note:- This is a Paid application) You can find this application by doing a simple Google Search.
  • Open the app and select “APK from the app” or “Select an APK File” option (depending on your situation which application you want to edit).
 APK Editor Pro
APK Editor Pro
  • Navigate through the available apps on your phone and locate your desired app. Click in your selected APP and press on “Common Edit“.
APK Editor pro Common Edit
APK Editor pro Common Edit
  • Change the install location of the app to “Internal Only” according to your need. Also, keep this in mind that you can also change the app version the code too using the APK Editor Pro. So feel free to play with the app. The more you try it the more you will learn about things.
apk editor version code change
Apk editor version code change
  • After modifications make sure you apply the changes by clicking on save button. And then install the modified version of the app.
Apk editor save changes
Apk editor save changes

Before installation of the modified version of the app.  Always make that sure you have deleted other before loaded things related to the app.

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Method 2- Resetting the app preferences

  • Go to settings.
  • Then go to the apps or “Apps & notifications” (on some phones). Switch to the all apps tab.
Apps & notification on settings
Apps & notification on settings
  • On the All Apps tab, you will see a “three-dot” on the top right corner, click on it.
apps on android
Apps on android
  • After some features will pop up. In there you need to click on the “Reset App Preferences“.
Reset App Preferences android
Reset App Preferences android
  • Immediately a Diolage box will open. In there you need to click on the “RESET APPS“.
Reset Apps
Reset Apps
  • Boom!! all is done. Try to install the App and getting error whether or not.

Method 3- Disabling Google Play protect (Side Load)

Google play store play also play major role on App not Installed error. It’s automatically detected those apps which are not available on play store and don’t allow to install those apps. If you trying to install an application which not available on play store, so may get App not Installed error. You can install those applications by disabling Google Play Protect.

  • First, open Play Store on your phone.
  • Click on the “Hamburger” menu icon.
Hamburger menu icon on play store
Hamburger menu icon on play store
  • Find “Play Protect” and open it up.
Play Protect
Play Protect
  • On the “Play Protect” click on the “Settings icon” on the top right corner.
Play Protect click on the Settings icon
Play Protect click on the Settings icon
  • Disable “Scan device for security threats” by tapping on the toggle button. (Note:- After installing turn it back ON)
Disable Scan device for security threats
Disable Scan device for security threats
  • Now you’re good to go install the application.

Method 4- Avoid installation from the sd-cards (Old Phones)

The sd card contains a large number of contaminated files. Which are actually harmful to your device sometimes. Try to avoid installing the apps from the sd cards. As the phone installers will not be able to parse the package completely. Thus downloading the file on internal storage. And then installing it from there is always a better choice.

Method 5- Try ‘Signing’ the ‘App’ by the following method

  • Download an app called “apk-signer” from the android play store.
apk-signer app download
apk-signer app download
  • Open the app and go to the dashboard.
  • In there you will see three sections “SIGNING” “VERIFYING” & “KEYSTORES”. But you need to click on the “SIGNING” section.
apk-signer SIGNING section
apk-signer SIGNING section
  • On the bottom, you will see a “pencil like” an icon and click on them. After your file manager will open, select your application which you have got the app not installed error.
apk-signer application selection
apk-signer application selection
  • On the bottom, you will see a “Save” button, click on it and your application will automatically “Signed” within a few seconds.
apk-signer apk signed
apk-signer apk signed
Signed Apk Process
  • Click on “Signed” application to install on your phone.
  • If that didn’t help make sure you try the steps given below.

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Method 6- Unknown source installation

Companies disable the unknown source installation by default. Due to these settings, one has to face the problem. It is because the system will not let the apps which are not downloaded from the play store to install. As it considers them unhealthy for the device. Make sure you turn your unknown source installation on. Before trying to install an app downloaded from any third party website. There are several options to enable Unknown source installation.

Enabling On Android Oreo or Higher

  1. You can enable this option while installing any third-party apps. For this, I am downloading an application on Chrome.
Downloading application on Chrome
Downloading application on Chrome

2. After completing download click on that and you will see and PopUp notification Regarding “Unknown app installation“, so you simply head over to the “settings

Unknown app installation on chrome
Unknown app installation on chrome

3. Just enable “Allow from this source” by tapping on the toggle button.

enable Allow from this source on chrome
enable Allow from this source on chrome

Enabling On Android Nougat or Lower

  1. Enable unknown source installation on Android Nougat or Lower is too easy. First head over to your phone settings and open “Security” or other security option depends on your phone.
security or privacy tab on android
Android Setting

2. Under security, you need to find “Unknown sources” and enable it by tapping on the toggle button. That’s it.

enable Unknown sources
enable Unknown sources

3. Now you are good to install third-party applications without getting any error if the unknown source making any problem.

install third-party applications
install third-party applications


If you sill was not able to solve the “App Not Installed” problem, this final dedication will help you. This problem can not solve because of some of the most sensitive case, one is that your application is corrupted another is your phone OS problem. My final answer is that to rid out of this app not installed error, first throw away that application which you want to install. Find the updated version of that application or I recommended you download that application form this application. But still not done “Reset” and delete all data from your phone, and you are good to go install that App and no more get App Not Installed error.

    1. It’s happened due to your phone system configuration. I think your phone RAM already occupied with other apps. Try on other phones with much more RAM.

  1. Hey mainak i use Redmi 8A Dual, I was playing Dawn Of Titan Game from a year,
    Problem is that i downloaded updated version of the game from apkpure website
    But it’s saying app not installed. Then I tried old version and it’s installed but want to install new version. Can you help me?

    1. Hey JD,
      To avoid this kind of problem, try to download from the trusted app store like Playstore, Samsung Store, Apple App Store & many others.
      Try to avoid download from third-party stores as much as possible.

  2. i got a problem. i’ve installed the app on my computer using bluestack, it’s installed and run fine. but when i installed on my phone, “app not installed”

    1. Hi Figo,
      Bluestack runs on different Architecture. So there, you can easily install any application. But Android has some strict security, that’s corrupted or virus-infected application they don’t allow to install. So make sure double check your APK file before install.

  3. All these methods didn’t work for me.
    Few apps like Amazon(which I shared to this device from other device),Snaptube got installed while Dream11, Mx Player(received from other device) aren’t getting installed.
    Please reply me for fixing this.
    If you can share your mail,I want to connect you by mail as I think it might be a problem with OS,I need to share other problems which I’m facing in detail.

        1. Hi Mansfield,
          Samsung Z400y runs on Tizen Os. Usually, those phone apps app is made on a different architecture, according to my experience. It’s tough to predict what the issue going on.
          “Download app for authentic sure or Tizen app store” the only thing I can advise you.

    1. Hey Vikrant,

      This kind of problem rarely saw. Most possible, which application you share with other devices, that app version is not supported.

      So my recommendation clear Play Store cache and download that application from there.

    2. The Genshin Impact apk says, “App is not installed.” And the error is INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113. I don’t know why but my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T515 have met the minimum requirements for the game. If you know some information and solution about this, then that would be a huge help. Thanks!

  4. I got my app installed as soon as I uninstalled the latest version of play store to factory build. Try this if other methods fail…

  5. Hello! Do you know why I can’t install apps like Samsung Notes, Samsung Voice Recorder or Sound Assistant on my Galaxy A01? I tried installing old versions of those apps but it’s useless. I’ll be thankful if you could help me.

    1. Hi Robs,
      In 2020 Era mostly Samsung smartphone runs on Android 9 or 10. It’s more secure and efficient than previous android version. If you are trying to install old version apps on these latest updated devices, you might get App Not Installed error as expected. So My advice doesn’t play with the old version, go with the latest version. Enjoy !!

  6. None of this worked. I am on a galaxy note 8, trying to install Samsung Health 6.10 APK. I tried all of the above. Thanks for trying. Literally every other site just says, “Download and install, it’s easy!” and you’re the only one that points out this issue. What I don’t understand though, is why some people have it and some don’t, despite most not tech savy enough to have made changes that could affect what should be an identical experience.

    1. Hey Gerg,
      Sorry to hear that. Every phone has a different solution, so I wrote the most common solution which can perform on every device.
      In your cases, make sure that your system updated to Android 9 (Available), then try to install Samsung Health 6.10 APK on your device. If you already tried this, so download from the trusted app store.

  7. I use a gionee M7 and ive tried everything but still not working. I can’t download large files, yet it takes all my data before notifying me it cant be installed pls what do i do

    1. Hi Majic,
      You may be download APK files from an untrusted source or corrupted. That’s why the problem is causing. Download from trusted and safe stores like Play Store.

  8. I was using firefox 68.8.0 on my samsung a7 then firefox got auto updated but now i cant get 68.8.0 back i uninstalled the new version and tried using the old apk that i had but it didnt work i need the old version can you help??

    1. Hey Kousik,
      Follow these steps
      1. Make sure that Firefox doesn’t come under system apps.
      2. Completly Remove/Uninstall Firefox.
      3. Download old version from a trusted store. Like Apkpure, Aptoide, etc.
      4. install and enjoy.

      If still not, your phone doesn’t allow you to install an old version.

  9. Can you please help me to install League of Legends, my friends can install it and play the same file I send, its written app not installed, i try many other’s thing, my phone even support this game. Please help me, I’m using Redmi 8A Dual

    1. Hi Zova,
      It varies on the phone to phone android version. Which file support on different devices those may not support your device.
      Downloading file from third party store always a risk, so make download current supported file whether you need to download 100 times or one time.

  10. My phone is poco X2.
    I’m not able to install any apks from Google Chrome.( Earlier I was able to install apks from Chrome)
    But I’m able to install apps from play store?
    None of this method worked

  11. Yesterday, I upgraded my android version 4.2.2 to 5.1 . Now I cant install any apps . When I trys to install an app I takes too much time but nothing happend. Plz reply it as fast as possible. Sorry for my poor English. Hopefully u will understand. Thank u

    1. Hey Tahsan,
      Don’t worry at all. It might be which app you are trying to install is not compatible with Android Lollipop 5.1. So, in this case, you need to down an updated version of that app that can support Lollipop.
      It might be to help you. If not, so that application is Corrupted.

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