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“Default Gateway Is Not Available” 7 Ways to Fix it

Have you ever encountered the default gateway is not available? I assume that you have faced this issue, and that is why you are here. Don’t worry; this might be a severe problem, and solving it might be hard but not impossible. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had this same issue since March 2019, and I tried many solutions. But none of them was working for me.

However, I wasn’t going to give up, and with a little bit of digging through different tech forums and my research, I found it. I was able to solve this issue after two months of continuous research and hard work. During my research, I found some of the main causes of this issue and possible solutions.

What is the default gateway?

The default gateway is a network node that acts as an access point. It allows other networks that want to communicate with each other. It also alternates the IP addressing and subnet mask of the system.

In short, it is better understood by a set of specific configurations that are called the default route. It is used at homes and offices to interconnect different devices to each other.

Cause of the Problem

As I mentioned earlier, I did some research to solve this issue. That research led me to some critical information. Some of you might not agree with me, which is ok because everyone has their thinking. But based on my experience, I think McAfee products mainly cause this problem. We know how popular these products are, and almost every internet user uses them.

Of course, they are helpful; that is why people are paying for their services. But the sad truth is that every software is prone to bugs and issues. And I think it should be that way. Perhaps due to these bugs and issues, we see new updates, new features, and even new software. Maybe this is why the whole of engineering exists. Engineering is nothing but providing solutions to different problems.

Fix Default Gateway Is Not Available
Fix Default Gateway Is Not Available

However, McAfee doesn’t seem to be the lone culprit responsible for this issue. There are some other features of the computer itself that is causing harm to it. It is causing damage to us by providing hurdles in our ways. The other culprits are Outdated network adapter drivers and Windows 8 auto-login feature (If you are still using the OS).

It would be best if you did not worry because I will tell you to step by step on how to tackle this issue. I assure you that I will not rest until I solve this problem for you. It is what my passion and hobby are. So without any further ado, let us get to the solution part of the problem.

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Solving the default gateway is not available

Solving the default gateway might be challenging and tricky, especially if you don’t know about the issue’s leading cause. This is why I gave you a rough idea about the most frequent causes of the problem. But there still can be other issues too that may be causing trouble for you. Today I will tell you some simple and effective methods that can solve this problem: the default gateway is not available.

Before stepping into the solution part of the problem, I want to tell you something. Your question doesn’t need to be similar to the one that I had faced. You can try my methods, and I hope one of these will work for you, but you must let me know in the comments if it didn’t.

Method 1- Basic Solution – Restart your WiFi:-

The most efficient engineering approach to a problem is to start from the zero levels. Sometimes there isn’t any big problem, and we are worried too much about it. It is possible that the error “the default gateway is not available” might be due to some temporary bugs.

Giving your computer or your wifi router a fresh start may solve the problem. Now you might be thinking what the relation of restarting the router with this is. Let me tell you a little about this logic. Your computer stores data in the form of a cache to help it in smoother performance. This cache helps in the faster opening of the files, and you don’t have to wait for long.

However, sometimes these cache files get tangled because of different computer programming issues and bugs. Giving a fresh boot will be helpful in such situations. So you need to plug out the power cord and Replug it again or press the power button on the router.

Plug in and Plug out
Plug in and Plug out

It will only clear out the cache memory, which means a new start of the mind will have no bugs. It may solve the problem for you if it is fundamental. However, if your question isn’t solved, don’t worry, the road is still open.

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Method 2- Taking care of McAfee programs:-

If the above method process didn’t work for you, here is something else you can do. This method involves the deletion of all McAfee programs on your computer. I think it can be the main reason behind “the default gateway is not an available error”. Here is the simple step if you are trying to uninstall McAfee. 

  • Open up Windows “Settings”. Now in there click on the “App” section.
Windows Setting App
Windows Setting App
  • Now, a new section will open up called “Apps & features”.
Windows Apps Uninstall
Windows Apps Uninstall
  • In there find McAfee and click on “Uninstall” button. Now everything shorted.

Now let me tell you some crucial points. There are many tune-up and anti-virus programs that strive to take your computer’s performance to the next level. However, sometimes they are the main reasons for the errors because of different computer programming bugs.

A typical example of this software can be better understood with the help of cra*k software. Though I do not encourage anyone to use these cra*ked apps and software on their devices, piracy is a crime. But for the sake of knowledge, let me tell you something. As soon as you install a cra*k on your computer, the anti-virus program that you are currently running will mark it as a threat. It is because this software is programmed in such a way to protect your computer from every single income threat.

Though there is a chance that the cracked files you are going to install are free from everything. Just because they are programmed in such a way to bypass the security of the software, the anti-virus stops it from running.

For some reason, this is an excellent thing it is because some new files such as ransomware are used to hijack computers. In today’s world, almost every person knows about computers, so these tech geeks disguise their data as cra*ks.

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Once you fall victim to them, they will lock all of your documents and demand you to pay for your files. However, we will talk about that later because the topic is going somewhere else. In short, the main problem might be due to the strong/buggy security of McAfee apps. Deleting them may solve your problem at once. However, there is still a chance that your problem may remain because the reason may not be McAfee. For this purpose, I encourage you to keep reading and do not give up. We will do our best to solve this issue today.

Method 3- Disabling the Auto-Login Feature (Windows 8 and 10):-

Microsoft is trying its best to provide us with the best of its skills. First off, their Win98 and then the WinXP astonished the whole market with their fame. Over time, they introduced a new OS to improve the computer’s performance further. However, the Win8 and Win10 contain many bugs despite getting regular updates from Microsoft.

One thing that I noticed during my research was that the login features of the system also causes “the default gateway is not available” error. Now “How to fix this” is what I am here for. Microsoft introduced a new feature, which logs in to the user’s account automatically. It helps to restore the same screen as it was before the shutdown.

However, I found that this feature is interfering with the network system of the computer. It is causing “the default gateway is not available”. So to solve this issue, you must stop the Auto-Login feature first. Doing so is very simple.

  • For Windows 10 & 8 you need to go “Setings” > “Accounts”.
Windows Account
Windows Account
  • In there look over the right section and over to “Sign-in options”.
Account Sign-in
Account Sign-in
  • Now in that section, you will fund a lot of options, don’t panic. Just click on “Password” and tap on Add button.
Windows Password Add
Windows Password Add
  • A popup window shows up, in there enter Password and confirm it & don’t forget to add Password Hint.
Password Confirmation
Password Confirmation

Now everything set. You can test your password by locking your system if you login with Microsoft account doesn’t need to add a password.

It may not sound very techy, but trust me, it works like they harry potter’s magic stick. Ah! Snap you aren’t a 90’s kid… I am sorry I mean it works like a gadget of Doremon now that must sound a bit relieving.

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Method 4- updating Network connection drivers:-

Drivers are an essential part of our computer’s operating systems. This software controls different components of our computers and enables them to perform their functions correctly. However, to achieve a proper service, a component’s drivers must be up to date. Just like every other computer software and program, they are also prone to errors and bugs.

Newly released updates ensure that this software is running correctly and are free from bugs and errors. Having erroneous drivers may also cause the default gateway is not available. However, there is no need to panic because I will tell you an exact and systematic method to cope with this situation.

To get rid of such a situation all, you need to do is update your windows drivers for different components, and that is all. In this case, you will need to update your network adapter drivers because it is responsible for your connection.

Here is how you can do it quickly without wasting any time:

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and select “Device Manager” or Go to “Device Manager” on your computer, By searching.
windows Device manager
windows Device manager
  • Open it up and Locate the Network adapters and double click on it to expand.
  • Now “Right-click” on the currently used adapter and click on the Update driver software. Or if you don’t know what adapter currently using so update all drivers one by one.

Once you execute it successfully, this will download all the necessary files. It will also flush out any bugs in the drivers’ current version, which will surely help you get rid of many problems. Luckily, “the default gateway is not available” is going to be one of them.

Besides that, there are other solutions that I have found during my research, but to be honest, I have never tried them myself. If I have not tried it myself, I cannot recommend it to others, and I suggest you refrain from trying such things without proper research.

These solutions indicate the deletion of drivers, etc., which seems odd. System drivers are the system files. If you delete them, most of your PC components will stop working.

Updating drivers is one thing, but deleting them is not recommended.

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Method 5- Tweaking the gateway settings manually:-

Sometimes the gateway unavailability issue is due to your connection setup. As we all know, computers are prone to errors and malfunctions due to different bugs. Luckily we can troubleshoot and fix them with a little bit of effort.

Though windows automatically setup different things on your system. However, you can bypass the setting and put things together manually. It may help to solve the problem, as there may be a bug in the automation process. You can figure that out manually, remove it, and put your system back to working condition.

To do so you will need to fetch the IP address subnet mask and default gateway that your computer use.

Here’s how you can do this step by step

  • Open up Command Prompt on your system.
  • Run the code “ipconfig” in the command window
  • Note the IPv4 address, Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway.
  • Close the command prompt window
  • Open up “Control Panel” by typing control on the windows Run window.
Control panel CMD
Control panel CMD
  • Now view by parameter to “category” & open the “Network and Internet” setting.
Network and Internet Options
Network and Internet Options
  • In there click on “Network and sharing center”.
Network and sharing center
Network and sharing center
  • At the end click & open up “Change adapter settings”.
Change adapter settings
Change adapter settings

Now there you need to look carefully. If your computer connected through an Ethernet cable, then you will be Ethernet connection settings. You need to click right on that setting and select “Properties”. Otherwise, there will be Wi-Fi connection settings.

Network connection properties
Network connection properties

Once you are inside the connection setting properties follow these steps. check the list under “This connection uses the text of the following items”.

  • Find the “Internet Protocol Version 4” and double click to open or by clicking on Properties.
Internet Protocol Version 4
Internet Protocol Version 4
  • Now fill up the IP address, Subnet mask & Default gateway on these fields. Which you noted down a few movements ago.
  • Proceed to the DNS section and fill the following DNS values.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Finally, click ok for saving all changes. Now your problem will be solved if you have followed all the steps carefully.

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Method 6- Playing with Network Driver:-

In Method 4 you already follow up on network driver update, But sometimes disabling Network Driver and again re-enabling it might solve the problem in some cases. Let’s jump into the steps.

  • First go to Network Connections under control panel, by typing “ncpa.cpl” on windows run box.
  • All network adapters will show up, in there just right-click on your connected internet connection adapter. in my case Ethernet.
  • A lot of options will show up, you need to click the “Disable” option.
Ethernet Disable
Ethernet Disable
  • Wait a while. Take a coffee break. Your internet connection will be turned off for a while.
Ethernet Disabled
Ethernet Disabled
  • Now come back, right-click on that network adapter & click on “Enable”.
Ethernet Enabled
Ethernet Enabled

Everything will be back to normal. Restart your computer once, you might not face default gateway is not available problem.

Method 7- Resetting the TCP/IP (protocol) setting through the Netsh shell command:-

These two are the setups that are the basic needs of every computer. It allows your computer connected to the internet. If something goes wrong to these settings, then you should not expect your system to work usually. Therefore, it can cause the problem of “default gateway is not available.” 

Under such conditions, you must configure the right settings if you want your computer to stop behaving oddly. Do not worry at all because I have got your back. I will teach you how to configure these settings, and if you follow these steps correctly, you will be sufficient for most of the part.

So without any further ado, let’s see what you need to do and what steps to follow.

Steps to follow

  • Open Command Prompt with Admin rights.
Run CMD administrator mode
Run CMD administrator mode
  • Type or copy-paste this command “netsh int ip reset” and press enter.
netsh int ip reset
netsh int ip reset
  • Run these commands depending on your internet connection IP setup.
  • For IPv4 – netsh int ipv4 reset
  • For IPv6 – netsh int ipv6 reset

If you do not know, your current IP version then feels free to run both. There will not be any problem.

Once you have executed the above-mentioned code, close the command prompt.

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After that, you can test your internet settings and see if the problem is gone. However, if it is still there then keep on reading as I have another method to solve your problem.


Computers devices are prone to different kinds of bugs and components malfunctions. Due to these issues, they will stop giving you your desired outputs. To cope with such a problem and help my fellow readers get rid of this issue, I researched the problem myself.

Because I have faced this issue myself, I think I can guide you a bit better than reading random articles on the internet. Here are some leading culprits that cause the problem “the default gateway is not available”.

  • McAfee Software
  • Windows Auto Log-in feature
  • Buggy and outdated drivers
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