How Can I Fix Steam Not Opening? Use these Top 13 Methods

Steam Not Opening
Steam Not Opening

Are you one of those currently facing an issue with the Steam and getting an error “Steam won’t open”? Well, if yes, then this article is just for you. I suggest you keep on reading because, in this article, we will cover both the causes and solutions of one of the most annoying errors called “STEAM WON’T OPEN.”

Steam Won't Open
Steam Won’t Open

I was facing an ugly error known as “steam not opening.” And we all know that for a gamer nothing is more important than his/her games. I was so much annoyed by the error because it was really giving me a tough time.

Today we will learn what causes the Steam won’t open error, and then we will try step by step solutions to solve the problem. Keep this in mind that it will take a little time to spot the real thing that is causing the trouble.

Ok, So keeping the tradition of our blog and its articles we will first talk about the issues that trigger the error. If you don’t want to read about the causes, don’t worry, you can always skip to the solution part. Ok, so the first thing that I found during my research is that we are not only the victims. Steam users from worldwide are facing this problem. And they are actually sick of it just like you and me.

Enough talking, let me explain what causes the error.

Possible Reasons for Steam Not Opening

Running in the background for a long time:

No matter how excellent the steam server and its service is but is having many issues. If you leave it open in the background for a more extended period, then it will start giving errors.

In my opinion, this is because the software continually downloads data from the internet. This data is stored in the cache and temp files. Now when the cache is full, how can it work correctly. This is just my theory you can correct me if I am wrong in the comments.

Suppose you don’t think that you are leaving it open in the background. Then this might not be the cause of the “steam won’t open” error in your case.

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Your PC is running for more than a day or maybe a week:

Well, I am having so much power break down the problem so I cannot relate myself to this one. But Yes I have found that some people use their computer for a decidedly more extended period. I think running your PC for a decidedly more extended period can trigger a lot of problems, and one of them can be the nasty “Steam won’t open error.”

PC is running long time
PC is running long time

Running your PC for a more extended period will cause the parts to heat up. Heat is a killer for those semiconductor circuits. So it might or might not produce the steam error. But also you are damaging some of the most sensitive parts of your beloved computer.

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I suggest turning off your computer whenever you are not using it. It might take a few seconds to start up, but at least we are not overworking the poor machine.

Older Version:

old computer
old computer

Now if you are using an older version of the client, it may contain bugs. These Bugs are very annoying, and they won’t let you execute a normal function. It is also possible that a newer version may have some new files which are necessary for Steam running. And because you are using an older version, you may not have these files. This can also be the cause of Steam won’t open.

Overburdened RAM:

The ram is one of the essential components of your computer. Sometimes during a PC Setup, it is not installed correctly. This can happen both with a newbie or a pro PC gamer. And when you run your PC don’t expect it to work correctly without this useful component.


Also if you are using your PC for most heavy operations and multitasking, you are more likely to overburden it.

PC Clock settings:

You may or may not know about this already, but the steam collects some data from your PC. And if your time and date settings are incorrect, then it will give you errors. It is possible that the error that you are facing I mean “steam won’t open” is due to incorrect time and date settings.

Suppose that is what caused the whole trouble. Then you can easily correct it from the window settings. And by doing this, you can save yourself from such a nasty problem.

Third-party apps interrupting the Steam startup:

In today’s modern world, everyone has an antivirus installed on their PC. This is because, with the increase in internet connections, there is a great risk of viruses. So these modern antivirus software block everything that seems not good to it. Sometimes it refers a cracked software or anything as a virus and blocks its running. It might sometime also interfere with your steam startup, and as a result, you will face Steam won’t open.

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Steam servers Might be Down:

server down
server down

As we all know that gamers around the world overcrowd the steam server. Therefore to keep it running, their engineers usually perform maintenance. Due to this maintenance, their servers are down. And as a result, you will be facing issues. You can also check Steam server status from an unofficial website.

Steam server status
Steam server status

It is also possible that the steam servers are down due to some other error. Load on the server is also one of the main issues.

Alright, now I hope most of us will be aware of the reason that triggers the error. I hope I haven’t bored you out. I am sorry, but I usually explain things in detailed.

Ok, now we can safely advance to the solution part of our article. I am going to mention every possible solution that I know. All you have to do is to apply them one by one and see if it works for you.

Methods for Solving “Steam not Opening”

These are some of my own tested methods that will help you solve the Steam won’t open issue. As I have told you earlier everyone’s case is different, so I suggest applying all the steps mentioned here.

Before we start any of the mentioned methods, I want you all to make a backup of your current information and data. This will come in handy just in case you accidentally do something wrong. Backing up your data is so simple. Follow WindowsCentral tutorial, a complete guide.

Once you have successfully backed-up all of your important data, you can freely start experimenting.

Method 1- Restarting the Steam:-

The steam server starts when we log in to our windows on our computers. It continues running in the background no matter we use it or not. This undergoing process might trigger some errors which will result in a malfunction of the client.

The first method which I found during my research is restarting the steam. I have found it working for many steam users on different platforms.

You don’t even have to do something long for closing it.

  • Just go to your “Task Manager” by pressing the ctrl+alt+delete buttons at the same time. A new window will appear, which is called the task manager.
  • Go to the processes tab, and there locate the steam client service (32-bit) and the steam client WebHelber (32-bit).
steam client service end task
steam client service end task
steam client WebHelber End task
steam client WebHelber End task
  • End both processes by selecting one by one using the “End Task” button on the left corner. Then go to your desktop and hit refresh.

Once you have completely stopped the processes, then double click on steam and wait for a while. I am sure it will help you get rid of the “Steam won’t open” error message.

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Method 2- Restarting your PC:-

If stopping the process hasn’t worked for you, then you can also try restarting your PC. Sometimes a lot of processes will trigger bugs in different programs. They will prevent the startup of those specific programs, and as a result, you will get nothing but error messages.

The only way to get rid of these unwanted guests, i.e. Bugs is to perform a fresh restart. This will help the window to terminate all the unwanted processes, and you will have a fresh and clean RAM. A clean RAM means no more filthy errors and slowing down. 

  • Open up your windows system Start menu.
  • In there you will see Power Icon at the corner. Just click on it.
Windows Restart
Windows Restart
  • Then a DropDown menu will open. In there You will see “Restart” button click on it.

So in my opinion giving it, a fresh restart is worth it before we move on to more technical solutions. The plus point of the fresh boot is that it will terminate all the third-party apps running in the background. Who knows one of them background running app is interfering with the steam.

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A fresh reboot will solve the problem for most of you guys. If some of you are still struggling with Steam, then keep on reading.

Method 3- Clearing Steam Cache:-

While using any application on the system, there are a lot of things needed to run. Every time your system needs to fetch those files. It’s causes slow down your application loading/opening time if you are doing any operations. In these situations, Caching needs to speed up your process.

But, sometimes caching things went wrong. Suppose that if some files stored on your system from the application server. Somehow that server files changed, but that file didn’t update on your system that might cause your application from opening.

So you might clear your Steam cache before doing another step. Follow the below steps doing it perfectly.

  • First, open up the “Run” box on your system. or you can use the Windows key R shortcut key to open it up.
  • Now type or copy steam://flushconfig in the run dialogue box. And hit enter key or press “Ok”.
  • Now you will see steam popup box open up. In there click on “Ok“.
Clearing Steam Cache confirmation
Clearing Steam Cache confirmation

Finally, you successfully clear your stream cache. Open it up and log in with your steam credentials & enjoy. If still not opening follow up below steps.

Method 4- Run as Administrator:-

Sometimes due to some windows security or permission reasons, apps are not allowed to run with full function features. But after giving administrative privileges to those apps, can run smoothly. You should follow the below steps to run Steam as Administrator, will help out to get rid of Steam, not opening the problem.

  • Right-click on the steam application and select “Run as administrator”. Another way you can search steam on the windows search bar, on the left side click on “Run as administrator” option.
Steam Run as administrator
Steam Run as administrator
  • After that, you will get a popup press “Yes” to continue.

Now you can successfully able to run Steam as Administrator. In most cases, this method solves the issue. If still does not follow up the next.

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Method 5- Router Restarting:-

My internet router causes more troubles than a baby left alone in the kitchen. Yes, It will sometimes stop functioning, and lord knows what its problem is. If you are using a troublemaker internet router like me. Then I am pretty sure it is the one causing the whole trouble. Oh wait are you going to get your shotgun loaded with slugs and going to shoot it? Wait no, there is a better solution. 


Just go plugging out the power cord and Replug it again or by pressing the power button on the router. Some devices may have a dedicated restart button too.

Plug in and Plug out
Plug in and Plug out

Once you have successfully restarted your internet router, go and check if the error is gone or not. Suppose it is gone, congratulations. And if you are still facing it don’t lose hope. We have many more solutions for you. 

Method 6- Your ISP might be preventing its usage:-

In some countries, they have slightly different rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to internet usage, some internet providers have orders to prevent surfing a few webs. In some countries, even Facebook, YouTube, and other social apps are blocked. So I suggest you check and confirm it from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Ask them if they have restricted steam usage.


If they have restricted steam on your connection, you can still use it, don’t worry. Just download a good and gaming-friendly VPN (Virtual Private Network) such as TunnelBear or maybe Hotspot Shield or anyone of your choice.

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 Once you have a VPN installed on your computer, go on log into it. And select some other servers that you think are best for gaming. It will help you get rid of the Steam won’t open if you ISP is preventing it from running.

Method 7- Steam Update:-

If you are using an old version of Steam, how is it possible for the app to work? Developers bring new updates to counter the errors and bugs in the previous version. If you are running an old version, it means you are vulnerable to bugs and errors.

Try Installing a new and recently released version of the Steam. This will help in to install newly released files and terminate all the errors due to Bugs.

If you don’t know to update steam, don’t worry. Just open your Steam application & don’t do anything if any new update comes it will automatically update and install on your system, as in the below picture.

Steam Update
Steam Update

A New and latest version of the client may also contain some new features. They may also add some new files which are necessary for fully operational steam.

Method 8- Time and date settings:-

The clock and calendar installed on your device are not only for you. Many servers that are connected to your device use it as a reference. I have already told that the steam servers download a lot of data from your computer. If you are using an incorrect time and date settings. It will cause trouble, and you will more likely get errors.

To correct your time and date settings on windows 10 follow these steps;

  • Firstly open your system (Windows) “Settings”. or you can use Windows Key + I shortcut key.
Windows Settings
Windows Settings
  • In there find & open up Time & Language section.
Time & Language Settings
Time & Language Settings
  • Date & Time” portion will open up. Under that turn on “Set Time Automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” (Not for Dirrent Time Zone User) by sliding the toggle.
Automatic Date & Time
Automatic Date & Time
  • Once you have corrected the time and date settings, just restart your computer.

Subsequent, Go on, give steam a try and check if the problem is solved or not. If you are still facing the issue, stay with us.

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Method 9- RAM testing:-

We all know that RAM is one of the essential components of a computer. If your RAM is not working properly, it will cause many problems. It would be best if you kept this in mind that it can affect your gaming experience terribly too.

Now the question is, how can we test our RAM functionality? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article. If you want to test your RAM to see whether it is functioning properly or not then follow this procedure;

  • Type “mdsched” in your start menu. Choose the option “Windows Memory Diagnostic” & open it up.
  • Once you have open You should see two more options, in there click “Restart now and check for problems“.
Windows Memory Diagnostic
Windows Memory Diagnostic

Once you have followed all the steps properly, your computer will start Memory checkup. Please wait for it to complete. Be patient because it can take a while. When all the necessary checkup is completed, your system will restart automatically.

  • Go again to the start menu and this time type “Event” and click on the Event Viewer option.
event viewer on windows
event viewer on windows
  • A window will appear and you will have to click on the “Windows Logs” dropdown icon after that click on “System”.
Windows Logs on event viewer
Windows Logs on event viewer
  • Now Right-click on the system and select the “Filter Current Log”.
Filter Current Log of system
Filter Current Log of system
  • Click on the drop-down menu and there mark the “MemoryDiagnostics-Results” as checked. Finally, Click on the “Ok” Button.
MemoryDiagnostics-Results Section
MemoryDiagnostics-Results Section
MemoryDiagnostics-Results Slection
MemoryDiagnostics-Results Slection
  • It will back to “Event Viewer” & it will show you the results of the diagnostic. If it is able to detect any issues then this might be causing the steam not opening problem.
Event Viewer diagnostic results
Event Viewer diagnostic results

Unfortunately, after deep research, I have found out that there is no way to get rid of this issue. And the only way to get rid of this issue is to replace your Memory sticks.

I hope it will help you in solving the steam not opening issue.

Method 10- Reinstalling Steam:-

Sometimes due to virus attacks or any other issues, some files get corrupted. And these files are necessary for the application to work. The steam app which you have installed on your computer may be having corrupted files. These files are making trouble and causing steam, not opening.

A fresh installation may enable you to start gaming again as it might be able to solve steam issues. To Reinstall the software again first, you need to obliterate it.

  • For removing steam from your PC go to the “control panel” on your system.
Uninstall a Program under control panel
Uninstall a Program under control panel
  • There go to “Uninstall a Program” from your computer by clicking on it.
  • Locate the Steam and tap on the “uninstall” button.
Steam uninstall
Steam uninstall

Once you have successfully uninstalled steam from your computer. Download it again from Steam Official Website and then reinstall it.

Steam download
Steam download

Reinstalling will help you in solving many problems. It will also be able to add those corrupted files too which were causing the error.

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Method 11- Update Windows:-

In the 21st century, the update is necessary to run everything smoothly & perfectly. So why you guys avoid windows update. Most people think that an update is unnecessary until getting any error.

So Make sure that update your windows to the latest version. Windows releasing new updates to stable their system and not get any problem while using any application. Follow up below steps.

  • As always open “Settings” of your system.
  • Open “Update & Security “in there. Also, your computer must be connected to the internet.
Update & Security
Update & Security
  • In the new window, you will see the “Check for Updates” button under the “Windows Update” section.
Check windows update
Check windows update
  • Wait for a while to download new updates. Depends on internet speed.

After complete, restart your computer and check whether you are facing Steam Not Opening problem.

Method 12- Uninstalling the third-party Antivirus app:-

As I already mention it above some antivirus app are just too strict in security, and they will easily mistake your recently installed app as a virus. They are programmed in such a way that they don’t let the virus infected files or folder open on a computer. This is because of the virus spreading in all of your files.

Some antivirus software will not let you play games and other software that you have downloaded from third-party sources. It will also prevent steam opening some times, and you will face errors due to it.

I suggest you uninstall your antiviruses like avast or any other. The windows security center is enough for the protection of your computer. Once you have uninstalled it properly try to run steam to see if it is working or not. 

avast uninstall
avast uninstall

You can also disable it if you don’t want to uninstall it. It will come in handy, especially in the case if the error is not due to antivirus. You can enable it again and use it like before.

!!Reinstalling Windows:

I do not recommend this option for everyone. Especially if you have a lot of important data on your machine. But if you have tried every fix and still your steam is not opening. In such cases, the only option left is reinstalling your windows.

Sometimes our windows get corrupted, and they may start causing a lot of troubles. In such cases reinstalling fresh windows is always the best option. This option will also help you get the lasted version of Microsoft Windows installed on your device. This way, you can get benefits from the recent updates released. You can followup on this video to install completely.

I also strongly recommend always to have a legit windows version on your device. There are a lot of pirated Microsoft Windows available, but they are all full of bugs. These windows will harm your computer in every possible way. Also, Piracy is a crime, so please avoid it at all costs.

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Method 13- Updating Drivers:-

Drives are also one of the essential components of your device. If you do not have the right drivers do not expect your system to work properly. If you are having an outdated version of drivers on your device, it is also not a good thing.

These outdated drivers are of no use, and there are chances that you will get errors. It is possible that the Steam not opening error is due to outdated drivers.

You need to update your drivers frequently to ensure a smooth and error-free experience on your system. If you want to learn how to update drivers, then follow the steps below.

  • Go to “Device manager” on your computer, By searching.
windows Device manager
windows Device manager
  • Open up all properties one by one, by clicking on the drop-down icon.
  • Now Right-click on every device and click “Update driver”. A new popup window will open up select “Search automatically for drivers”.

Wait for sometimes, if any new driver update is available, it will download and install it. Make sure that you have the latest version of drivers for all devices.

Suppose you don’t have the latest drivers for a device such a graphics or sound or anything else. You can always update them. Another way to update device drivers is by installing them from the manufacturer’s website manually.

Final words

Thank you so much for reading this whole article. I hope this article will help many of you get rid of the problem. Please keep this in mind that we only write to help our users. If non of the above method is working for you, then don’t worry. You can always get Steam’s contact info and contact them personally. I am sure they will provide you with a possible solution.

If you have solved your problem, please share this article with your friends and family members. This will help me reach my helpful words to many users online. I wish to help everyone and solve their problems.

Have a nice day

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