11 Tricks To Fix Discord Not Opening on Windows 10/8/7

discord won't open

In today’s modern gaming era it is necessary to have a good voice chat app. There are plenty of voice chat apps available on the internet. Most people use Discord because of their easy UI and amazing voice quality. Today we are going to discuss a very serious issue known as “Discord won’t open“.

It happened to me when I was playing world of tanks with my cousin. He texted me to turn on discord to make the game more enjoyable. I said OK… and after a while, my anger reached the summit point. Yes! ladies and gentlemen my discord was trolling me. I told him to hold on for a while let me fix my app.

After that, I rebooted my laptop following the basic rule i.e. If it is not working properly reboot it. I waited for a while but the problem was still there. After that, I texted my cousin and told him that I will play later. I started searching for a possible solution to fix the problem.

After doing a little bit of research I found a bunch of articles on the internet. All these articles were claiming a “best way to fix discord won’t open“. I tried all of them one by one but none of them was seems to be working. My curiosity rose even more because I wanted to fix the issue at all costs.

Today we are going to learn what causes the “discord won’t open error” and how to fix it.

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What causes discord won’t open?

According to my research and playing with the app a bit I think there are a few reasons which prevent the app. I am mentioning them all but keep it in mind, These are my own assumptions. I might be wrong at some points please correct me if you can.

Your Internet Connection:

The first and the most obvious reason that could prevent discord opening is your internet. If you are having a slow or choppy connection then make your mind face some errors. A slow can cause the error “discord won’t open“. There is a reason that makes a choppy connection the primary suspect.


Discord uses an active internet connection to send or receive messages and calls. Mainly it all happens by downloading and uploading packets of data. If you are on a slower connection that will more likely to cause trouble. It is because it will not be able to send or receive an adequate amount of data. And because of that reason you might face discord won’t open error.

Bugs in Discord itself:

The Discord app is basically an online platform. There are people who control it and make it better and better every day. It is possible that a new update may contain some bugs. And due to these bugs, you will face many errors.

Bugs In software
Bugs In software

If you think your client contains bugs then I suggest you should contact the developers as soon as possible. They will inspect the application and after taking some serious measures they will solve the problem.

Older version Discord:

Alright! If you haven’t updated your client version then I think it is the time to update. Developers usually announce updates to add some extra features and remove errors. An older version may not contain some files and because of that you might face an error “Discord won’t open”.

Your Antivirus can prevent it to start:

Sometimes having an antivirus is just like planting a tree of errors. I am not saying that you shouldn’t install the antivirus programs. But actually, these software are programmed to prevent suspicious files and folder from running on your system.

Computer Antivirus
Computer Antivirus

Chances are they might detect the discord app as a suspicious app because of its internet connectivity. And after that, they can add it to their quarantine and as a result, you will not be able to run it.

Third-party apps preventing the startup:

Some of the third-party apps like the AVG tuneup utilities will do its best to make your PC running smooth. It will delete all of the junk files and folders to make extra space. Also, It will prevent running those applications that run in the background. It is because the background running apps will occupy an extra amount of RAM.

Chances are Such apps that may close the discord app to run and you will face troubles.

Ok, now you will have a rough idea of what causes the discord won’t open error. Now I can safely take you guys to the solution part. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen we are going to plunge into the most effective solutions of Discord won’t open error.

Solving Discord Won’t open

We will start solving the problem by taking minor measures. It is because sometimes there are tiny things that create huge problems. SO instead of going pro and solving the problem by applying professional solutions, we will start it from basics.

Method 1- Using the DISCORD WEB:-

When you face the discord starting error the first thing you need is to check the web version.

Discord App Login
Discord Login
  • Once you are in, click on the login option.
Discord Web Login
Discord Web Login
  • Login with your Account Details. After you get logged in, you can either continue using the web version of check back the app.

After doing my research I found that many users on the forums reported their app was having a problem. After switching to the web version of discord, their problem was solved.

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Method 2- Killing the task:-

Sometimes the discord running in the background for a long time can cause a problem. If you are getting any errors during the start-up of this app, you should check the background. If there is already a similar task running in the background then there are a lot of chances that you will face errors.

Using Task Manager:-

  • To check if you are already running the discord task in the background press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open up Task Manager.
  • at the point, Task Manager will open up along with the “Processes” Tab open.
  • In there right click on the Discord and tap on End Task.
Discord End Task
Discord End Task

Using Command Prompt:-

If the above method didn’t kill the app don’t worry and follow this method. Go to start or press Win + R keys both at the same time and you will get Run. Type “cmd” and then wait for the command prompt to start. Now write the following in the command prompt.

taskkill /F /IM discord.exe
Killing Discord By CMD
Killing Discord By CMD

After that press enters and waits for the magic. The command prompt will kill the discord app that is running in the background and causing trouble. If you killed the task successfully then you will need to open the app again to check it. I hope you will have your problem solved.

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Method 3- Deleting the AppData:-

This is one of the best ways to remove any kind of error from almost any app. Basically, when you delete an app data it clears out all the junk files. Some of these junk files might cause trouble if they exist for a longer period of time. after deleting the app data and doing a fresh install on your PC most of the time it will save you from problems.

If you are having a grey screen on your discord app and you want to get rid don’t worry. I will show you how you can clear out the app data and get rid of all annoying problems. Just follow the process and make sure you execute all steps correctly.

  • Press Win+R key and wait for a pop-up window to appear in a while. The popup window is RUN option actually.
  • There you will have to enter a command “%appdata%” in the search box and hit ok.
  • Now locate the Discord Folder under the AppData folder. After right-clicking on the folder and press on the delete button. (Note:- This folder store your Application Data like Login Details, Updates and Many more)
Delete Discord folder on %appdata%
Delete Discord folder on %appdata%

By doing this it will delete all the app data and will clean your system from all leftover junks. After that Try to open Discord and login with your credentials. After that still facing problems so try to Application Local data.

Local store those files which help to run any application. So not at this we delete those files and try to run again Discord. Follow the below steps.

  • Like the previous method open up RUN windows and type %localappdata% and hit Enter.
  • In there you will see Discord folder and delete it by press Delete or going with right-clicking.
Delete Discord Folder on %localappdata%
Delete Discord Folder on %localappdata%

Now locate the Discord application file where you download or you can it by searching on the windows search bar. Click on it and open it up. It will take some times and Discord will open up. If still not you might try the next steps.

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Method 4- System files repairing:-

Another way to get rid of discord won’t open is to check your system files. Sometimes if the system has failed to save your files it will most likely show you errors. Due to these issues, you may also face discord errors.

I suggest you check your system files and if some of them are corrupted just repair then and then try the app. To quick repair System file follow the below simple step.

  • Run your Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  • Now type sfc /scannow and hit enter.
sfc scannow CMD
sfc scannow CMD
  • Wait a while, it will take you some time to Process it. Keep Penitent.

Another thing you need to note that the SCF tool doesn’t solve the problem always. You should follow This tutorial By Microsoft to repair system files.

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Method 5- Setup Correct Date & Time:-

After reading the heading you might be thinking Date & Time not related to Discord won’t open issue. But it’s true that most application which is connected internet those are depends indirectly depends on correct Date & Time.

Also, a lot of users tell that after setup correct (automatic) date /time it solves the issue. If you already setup to time automatically move to the next step, if not follow the below steps. simultaneously

  • Press Windows Key + I simultaneously, to open up your windows settings.
  • Tap on Time & Language, go inside it.
Time & Language Settings
Time & Language Settings
  • In there you will see “Date & Time”. Under that find “Set Time Automatically” and turn it on, also tun on Set time zone automatically (If you not using different Time Zone) for better confirmation.
Automatic Date & Time
Automatic Date & Time

Restart your PC and Open Discord. See whether it’s opening or not. If not follow the next trick.

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Method 6- Flushing DNS of Windows:-

You can also get rid of this problem by Flushing out the DNS. Flushing DNS removed your all cached DNS records and tell the computer to find new DNS. This is effective when the Website or Application server IP Address changed.

Now It isn’t rocket science and I will guide you step by step how to flush your DNS. So you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just follow steps bellow.

  • Search CMD in the windows search, when you find it up and Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select Run as administrator.
Run CMD administrator mode
Run CMD administrator mode
  • Type the command “ipconfig/flushdns“.
ipconfig flushdns
ipconfig flushdns
  • Hit enter, you will get “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” message.
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

After that Try to run the Discord application. If not work for you, moved to the next steps and try it.

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Method 7- Updating Discord:-

Sometimes when an update is released this is because the older version contains some bugs. If you are still running an outdated version of the discord app there is a very high chance that it will contain bugs. Also with the passage of time and new updates the developer changes files of apps. If your version doesn’t have the necessary files for the recent client version then it will never work.

1. Open your Discord application, in the opening time Discord, will automatically check is there any Update Available. If Yes, then Discord will automatically download and install it. But in rear cases, this not work so you should lookup 2nd updating method.

Update Discord
Update Discord

2. Also, you can check for an update of Discord. If there is a newer version of the app available please delete the older version and install the new app. I hope this will end all of your worries.

Method 8- Run as Administrator:-

Running any application as an Administrator can solve any application error. Because of Windows system block applications, some functionalities and aren’t able to run Completely.
So you should Run Discord as administrator.

  • Open up your system tray by clicking on the arrow left of the Notification area if Discord Running in the background.
  • In there you will see all applications which are running background. Just Right-click on the Discord Logo and tap on “Quit Discord“.
Quit Discord
Quit Discord
  • Now find your Discord, right-click on that select “Run as administrator“. It will give you a prompt and click on “Yes“.
Run Discord as Administrator
Run Discord as Administrator

Now you successfully run Discord as Administrator.

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Method 9- Disable Your System Proxy:-

If you using Proxy service while using Discord you see Discord Not opening. So try to disable Proxy on windows by following the below steps.

  • Open up your RUN window and Type Control and hit enter. It will bring up you into the control panel.
Control panel CMD
Control panel CMD
  • Find and open “Network and Internet”, also make sure that View By Selected to “Category“.
Network and Internet Options
Network and Internet Options
  • In there again go into the “Internet Options“.
Internet Options
Internet Options
  • A popup window will open up that contains “Internet Properties“. In here go on “Connections” Tab and click on “LAN settings“.
Internet Properties
Internet Properties
  • Again a new window will open up in there make sure to check Automatically detect settings” and uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN” as shown in the below picture.
Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Restart your PC once again and relaunch your Discord.

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Method 10- Clearing RAM:-

Sometimes running a lot of apps in the background can also be a pain in the icecream…! I am sorry for using such poor words but I really mean it. Actually, when you have a lot of background processes it will occupy the RAM and as a result, your system will have to suffer. It might become a major problem especially for those files which you need.


Go to the task manager and kill all of those tasks which you are not using currently (Follow Method 1). This will free up some RAM and a lot of useful apps will start to work properly. It might also be helpful for the discord won’t open an error if your problem is due to RAM.

Method 11- Uninstall & Reinstall Discord:-

I think that you are reading this method because all of the methods did not work you. So here you can simply uninstall Discord and again install Discord in a proper way.
This will delete discord files from your system and again put a new, updated version.

  • First of all, Open your Run window by pressing the Windows key along with R key.
  • In the RUN window type appwiz.cpl and hit enter.
  • A window will open up in there you can uninstall any program/application. So you find “Discord” and select it and Tap on the “Uninstall” button on the top.
Uninstall Discord
Uninstall Discord
  • After successfully uninstalling, you need to delete AppData of Discord by following Method 3. Otherwise, discord files will be stored on your PC and you will get again Discord won’t open error.
  • All of doing those things properly Restart your computer. Download Discord From official website and install Again.

Following all of these things, you will not get not more problems with Discord Won’t open.


I hope you have read and understood the whole article. The discord app won’t open is a pretty annoying error. Especially if your whole squad is online it really feels. By following the above steps I hope all of your problems will be solved.

Make sure that you apply different methods because sometimes the problem is caused by more than a single thing. Applying different solutions may lead to success and help to terminate the problem from the core.

Also understanding the problem from the core before trying to solve it makes it easier. You will work for its eradication with more intensity. If your problem is still not solved please comment below and we will try our best to help you out.

Also if you have liked the article please share it with your friends and family. It will help them get rid of such an annoying situation. 

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