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Best solutions of Twitch 5000 Content Not Available Error

I assume that If you are reading this post it means that you are already familiar with the twitch. If not let me tell you that twitch is an online video streaming platform. Video gamers stream their gameplay online and millions of people around the globe enjoy watching them. If you are already watching content on twitch and you are not able to watch anything now due to cancer like error called “Twitch Error 5000 content not available”. I can understand your pain but don’t worry as luck is with you today because you found our post.

We will tell you today how to solve the problem and get rid of this error code 5000 thing. Before you read this article. I just want to tell you that everything written in this article is the result of personal experiments and research on different platforms. I suggest reading this article and follow everything to the letter.

Chances are you may get rid of this error but if in case the error still persists you should let me know in the comment below. Ok so before we go to the solution part we should learn what are the main things that cause the problem. After me and my friend (Who also love watching hours of the stream of shroud and Chaco) did a little bit of research. We found that there are 5 possible reasons that cause the “Error code 5000; content not available on Twitch”.

These may not be your case but still, there are about 80% chances that you are a victim of one of the problems below.

5 Reasons for Twitch Error code 5000 content not available

Cookies and Cache:

The sites that you surf and load on your internet contain images, GIFs, and videos, etc, Due to which it takes a little bit of time to load such data. Internet browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla firefox store this data in the form of cache and cookies. Cache and cookies are stored to provide faster loading experience.

If your cookies and cache data gets corrupted you are likely to face error code 5000 content not available on Twitch. And as a result, you will not be able to watch the streaming successfully.

Extensions and Plugins problem:

There are many extensions and plug-ins developed for different jobs. These plug-ins and extensions are available in almost all modern browsers. They basically enhance our internet user experience. You can download extensions like Adblock for blocking annoying ads appearing on sites.

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There are also a number of extensions available for video streaming or downloading. Sometimes when a user disables a required plug-in. He/she may not be able to perform certain operations successfully. And as a result, they face an error.

There is also an extension in Chrome called “Ghostery“. If it is installed on your browser it might be the causing the trouble.

Browser problem:

Source:- Rawpixel

There are certain websites developed by the developers which are just too good for some browsers. Not all browsers can run all websites available and indexed on the internet. It is possible that your installed version of the browser is not able to run the website properly and therefore you are facing the issue “Error code 5000 content not available” on “Twitch”.

Domain-name-server problem:

The DNS or domain name server is like a phonebook for your internet. Every device that uses the internet has a special type of address called the internet protocol or IP address. The DNS actually translate the name of each website into an IP address. And then the IP is used to connect to the website and its content.

Source:- Kisnta

Now if somehow your DNS is corrupted. It will not be able to translate into IPs and as a result, you will likely to face an issue.

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ISP or Internet service provider:

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The ISP stands for the internet service provider. If you are having an internet connection which is not very stable and it a bit choppy. You will more likely to face problems, especially during online streamings. Therefore I suggest you check your internet problem before going to the solution part.

The solution of Twitch Error 5000 Content Not Available

After you have learned about the reasons which cause the problem. You will now be able to solve the problem effectively. Below are the simple solutions which can help you get rid of this error once and forever.

Method 1- Clearing Cookies and Cache

As I told you earlier every website’s data is stored in the form of cookies and cache. Now sometimes a browser stores a large number of Cache data. Some of these get corrupted now If you clear the Cache and cookies you will solve the problem.

To clean the cache and cookies go to your browser. In this case, I am using the Chrome Browser.

  • Click on the “Three Dot” of the top right corner.
  • A dropdown menu will open, on there you need to find “settings” and click on it.
Browser settings
Browser settings
  • Then find “Clear browsing data” open it up.
Clear browsing data
Clear browsing data
  • A popup window will open, in their “Advanced” section is by default selected. Select Time range to “All Time” for better confirmation (Recommend).
Select All time
Select All time
  • Then Check the “Cookies and other site data” and “Caches image and files” options are checked.
  • Now finally click on the “Clear data“.
Browser Clear data
Browser Clear data
  • Now your browser cookies and cache are cleared.


if you are using another browser just go to Bowser settings > Privacy & Security > Locate Cookies and Site Data > click on clear data and hit clear. Now your browser cookies and cache are successfully cleared. If you sill is not able to find just google it.

By doing so you will clear the number of cookies and cache stored for every website you have surfed. This will allow the browser to store fresh data and this data will not have any problem. Now check whether you are getting the same error.

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Method 2- Playing with plug-ins and Extensions

You can solve the problem by playing with your installed plug-ins or by installing new ones. You should look for an extension is called “Flash player”  and make sure you have it on your browser.


This extension is responsible for playing videos online on browsers. Also, go to your installed plug-ins and extensions and look for the one called Ghostery, Adblock Plus or any another Adblocker if you installed, so disable it.

Method 3- Refresh Twitch Stream

Sometimes Twitch Stream stuck because of that page cache, streamer connectivity issue or ISP Ip change.

So at that time, you should try to refresh that stream by clicking on the F5 button or Browser refresh icon. It should fix the issue.

Method 4- Flushing DNS

You can also get rid of this problem by Flushing out the DNS. You can do this job with the help of command prompt installed in your windows. For flushing DNS follow the steps below;

  • Go to the “command prompt” on your PC.
cmd on windows 10
CMD on windows 10
  • Right click on “Command Prompt” and select Run as administrator.
Run CMD administrator mode
Run CMD administrator mode
  • Type the command “ipconfig/flushdns“.
  • Hit enter, you will get “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” message.
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

Doing so will reinitialize the DNS cache and this will more likely to solve the problem if it is caused by the DNS. Now check whether you are getting “twitch 5000 content not available” this error on Twitch.

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If the problem persists this may be due to Browser problem or your internet connection. If you are using Chrome browser or any other browser, so change it and try again with another browser. Another If you believe you have a stable internet connection. And after following the above steps your problem isn’t solved yet feel free to leave a comment below I will try to look for other possible solutions and tell you.

General FAQ’s

How do I fix error 4000 on twitch?

There are lot of way to fix error 4000 on twitch. Here is the most Clearing Cookies and Cache, Flushing DNS common and sophisticated way to fix this error.
Except these, there are lot of ways to fix error 4000 on twitch which are discuss inside.

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